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Adopting a Lykoi Kitten from Mangalakatz

Please be aware we do have a waiting list. People on this list will always get first pick of any kitten listed below.

Before making an enquiry with Mangalakatz, please ensure you have read our Adopting a Kitten page.

The below information was last updated on May 13, 2019

Before making any enquiry to Mangalakatz in relation to any of the kittens or litters below, please ensure you have read our Adopting a Kitten ( click on link) page as this page may very well answer your question.

We do our best to ensure photos of available kittens are added regularly on this page, however, this can often be rather difficult as kittens often do not like sitting still for clear photos to be taken making it very difficult to get pictures of them. We also regularly post photos of kittens on our facebook page and recommend people who are interested in adopting a kitten from us follow this page. A link to our facebook page can be found on the contact us page.

Explanation what is a F1 & F2 Lykoi Kitten :


A F1 Lykoi kitten is from the mating of a selected black domestic cat mated to a pure Lykoi. All kittens born from this mating are Lykoi gene carriers, but have normal/full coats.

A F2 Lykoi kitten is from the mating of a F1 (Lykoi gene carrying parent) mated to a pure Lykoi, some kittens will be full coated & some will have the typical Lykoi coat.

All F1 & F2 Lykoi kittens are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped & come to you with a Certified GCCFV Pedigree


Mangala Black Pearl & F1 Mangala Black Basil

We have finally decided on what babies will be available for ADOPTION as Pets.

DOB 10/04/19 Kittens due for desexing shortly

Male Lykoi 1. Available


Male Lykoi 1

Male Lykoi


male Lykoi

as of 10/9/19 Male Lykoi

This boy is so very much Wolf like & loves to play & cuddle. He is just coming out of his first kitten moult, so in a few more weeks will regain his coat.


Male Lykoi 2. Available

male 2

male 2


male Lykoi

as of 10/09/19 Male Lykoi

This little man is so very cheeky, again he is also coming out of his kitten molt & will have his new coat in a few weeks.


Female Lykoi . Available

male 2


female Lykoi

As of 10/09/19 Female Lykoi, her coat is still developing, but should be in fully in the coming weeks

This little lass has the sweetest of natures, loves playing with her feather toys.

Extra Pics of the gorgeous little wolf cubs






Female Lykoi Below . ADOPTED

My Girl

A very cheeky lass who is now Adopted.