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About the Devon Rex breed

The Devon Rex cats are a very affectionate and mischievous people orientated little critters. 

The Devon has an unruly wavy coat (doesn’t know where the hairdresser lives) with a few guard hairs.

They have proved to be fantastic for allergy sufferers, as this breed does not shed the normal amount of hair that other breeds do. Only a small amount of guard hairs from the Devon Rex cat is shed in summer and winter,  which you will not even notice.

The Devon Rex kitten - cat is often referred to the ET of the Cat World, with lovely big ears and wide-eyed expressions. They adapt well to other family members, being children and other family pets. The Devon Rex cat is required to be kept inside as they do feel the cold, your bed is a wonderful place and they will let you share your bed with them quite happily.

An outside-protected enclosure on a sunny day is an idea way so that they can practice their acrobatic skills and do a bit of sunbathing which they will  appreciate.

Grooming is minimal with the Devon Rex cat, just a wipe over with a damp chamois and the occasional bath. Follow up with a soft brush over, to loosen dead guard hairs. True “wash and wear” cats, that are big on personality.