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Our Lykoi Studs

 Gobsgobblin Balder (Imp USA)
NAME MEANING: The most glorious god alive, handsome & pure in spirit



Balder has come to us from the USA.

Grand Champion Mangala Dancin with Wolves

Australia's first ever Lykoi Grand Champion!!

Wolf 2

Wolfie is our first homebred Lykoi stud boy. Wolfie has excelled on the show bench and is now Australia's FIRST EVER Grand Champion Lykoi in Australia.

Grand Champion Mangala Black Pan


Pan has done extremely well on the show bench in both kitten and adult class and is well on the way too receiving his second title -  Grand Champion.

Mangala Helios


Helios is another young stud to assist us build our Lykoi breeding program. Helios has not yet attended any cat shows.