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"Where Beauty & Enchantment Are Created"

Welcome to the home of the Singapura, Lykoi & Devon Rex Cats



The Devon Rex prefix is Myruna, (my husbands family's farm name)

The Singapura & Lykoi prefix is  known as  "Mangala"  




 Domestics Animal Business Registration (DAB) No BE 1506

Bass Coast Council Sth Gippsland.

We are located on 3 acres in the beautiful hills of South Gippsland Victoria Australia. 

I am a Registered Breeders with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. (GCCFV)

I am also  Registered with the Bass Coast Council. No BE 12-13-7  & Licensed with the DPI

I have been a Cat Breeder since the year 2000

I am now a retired Veterinary Nurse, so that 100% attention can be given to the raising and breeding programs of all of our cats. 

We have a purpose built Cattery Cottage that is heated in winter & cooled in summer, all due to the hard work of my husband Bill, who worked in the Building & Hardware Industry.

The Cattery Cottage:

Entrance to the cattery cottage runs



We are Australia's  Largest Specialist Breeder of the Rare and Endearing little Singapura, with many of our kittens now in Paris, Germany, Sth Africa, United States of America, Japan, Lithuania, Hawaii, Zurich, Denmark, Singapore and of course throughout Australia.

We are committed to this wonderful little Breed of cat to breed the smallest and true to type kittens that is possible.

Our Singapura's are of PURE Singapura blood lines. We do not sell un desexed kittens or cats, so please do not ask as the answer is always No !!

International Experienced Breeders:-  will be considered as long as they are also of the same Philosophy to not outcross the Singapura with another breed. We are part of a Breeders Group called the "Singapurists United" which we have helped establish. It is thru this group of dedicated breeders that we shall work with to keep the Singapura Pure.


We also have the Lykoi (werewolf cat) arriving in 2017 from the USA, many thanks must go to Dr Johnny Gobble DVM & his wife Brittney Gobble for allowing us to join the team of breeders to further develop this unusual & natural breed of cat. which I am so looking forward to promoting here in Australia. The Gobbles are the founders of this breed.


I still show occasionally as time permits  with the GCCFV to ensure a high standard of breed type, and evaluate our breeding programs for our Singapura  & soon Lykoi kittens.

All kittens are raised in the home to ensure that they develop into healthy well adjusted, socialized and loving young felines, ready for their new homes.

All kittens come in contact with my dogs, being two German Shepherds and a Rottweiler plus a yappy Min Pin, so that they are accustomed to them all.

Hope you enjoy the pictures below of the cattery, nurseries & gardens.

The Nursery for our precious babies


Views inside of the kitten Nursery


Views of the one of the open play areas




The new section of the cattery

New free outside secured play area

Gardens surrounding the cattery

Views of one of the new outside enclosed play areas and the gardens surrounding the Cattery

Some of the resident moggies

Lou Lou (female pure white domestic rescue)


              Timbo (male red tabby domestic, 17 years old) RIP

Miss Tilly (torty & white rescue, 13 years old)


We hope you enjoy looking around our web site and look forward to hearing from you.

Purrs Fiona  

"Cats leave footprints on your heart forever"

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"Where Beauty & Enchantment are Created"

Contact:: Fiona    Email:: mangala@dcsi.net.au 

Phone :  03 5678 8311    International : +61 3 5678 8311

Please Note:: We unfortunately do not have mobile reception at the Cattery.