Singapura Studs
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"Where Beauty & Enchantment Are Created"

Our Stud Boys:

Mangala Caleb

(PK Def Clear N/N)

Mangala Isaac

(PK Def Clear N/N)

US RW SGC Sunna Zygfrid (Imp Russia)

(PK Def Clear N/N)

Many thanks to Denis Turner for this lovely boy

Gold Double Grand Champion Usaf's Captain Tom (Imp USA)

(PK Def Clear N/N)           


Captain Tom as a baby (in the middle) held by Tommy Meadows


Mangala Sweet Wilbur

(PK Def Clear N/N)

Sire: Captain Tom & Queen: Elley

Mangala Lil Fire Bug

(PK Def Clear N/N)

Lovely small boy with a warm toning and fine ticking

& big gorgeous green eyes.

Sire: Captain Tom & Queen :Gracie

Mangala Lil Romeo

(PK Def Clear N/N)

The Vasectomised toy boy

Keeping the girls healthy without them becoming pregnant.


Romeo & Molly (behind)

Fagervoll Mat-a-don (Imp USA)

(PK Def Clear N/N)


Mangala Coco Bean

(PK Def Clear N/N)


 Still just a baby from Lil Met Mouse & Fire Bug

Mangala Malachite

(PK Def Clear)


Champion Mangala Lil Scooby Do

 (PK Def Carrier N/K) (will only be mated to clear females)



Our Retired Boys:

Mangala Wittle Pea Beau

 (PK Def Clear N/N)

Just a baby from Squirrel & Wilbur

Champion Mangala Bertie Beatle Juice

(PK Def Clear N/N)



"Where Beauty & Enchantment are Created"

Contact:: Fiona & Bill Email:: 

Phone : Local : 03 5678 8311   International : +61 3 5678 8311

Please Note:: We unfortunately do not have mobile reception at the Cattery.