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Welcome to Mangalakatz, the home of the
Enchanting Little Singapura Cat.

My name is Fiona Stokes and I have been a registered breeder since 2000. I am proudly registered with Australian National Cats Inc. (ANCATS). In my professional life, I am Veterinary Nurse with over 20 years experience within the veterinary nursing field, however, I have now retired so 100% of my attention can be given to the raising of new kittens and care of all the cats within my cattery.

All kittens are raised in the home to ensure they develop into healthy well adjusted, socialized and loving young felines, ready for their new homes. Kittens are accustomed to the sounds of a busy household, ie phones, vacuuming & Television.

All kittens come in contact with my dogs, being two German Shepherds, so kittens are accustomed to dogs in the event of an adoptive family having dogs.

I show regularly, as time permits with ANCATS to ensure a high standard of breed type, and to evaluate my breeding program to ensure I remain on track and within the standards of my chosen breed.

I am located on 2 acres in the beautiful hills of South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.
I hope you enjoy looking around our website and look forward to hearing from you.


PER Source Number applying to all available kittens  RB 152877

"Cats leave footprints on your heart forever"