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Adopting a Retiree from Mangalakatz

The below information was last updated on June 21, 2021

Retiring a breeding cat is often a very hard decision - rehoming them is an even harder one!

We treat all our breeding cats as our babies first and foremost, and breeding "stock" second. As such, we are quite attached to all our cats and rehoming one when their breeding days are over is an incredibly emotional time. However, it is a decision that must be made from time to time either for the wellbeing of the retiree or to continue improving our breeding program to ensure we continue to breed healthy and happy kittens for many years to come.

All our retirees are rehomed:

As with all our cats, but especially with our much loved retirees we love receiving updates from their new owners so we feel secure in knowing our boys and girls are thoroughly enjoying their new life in your home.

Our retirees are sold strictly to indoor only families.

Available Retirees

Nothing available at the moment